The time has come to respect your rum.

Nothing Defines You.

Discover Harbour Island’s best kept secret, AFROHEAD Premium Aged Dark Rum – the once unnamed spirit simply branded by an image of the first Miss Bahamas 1963. One taste at a time, she captivated a following at the island’s most infamous boutique hotel where guests would call for the rum with the ‘afrohead’ on it. And so, AFROHEAD Rum was born.

This authentically aged rum stands in a category of her own and is meticulously blended for the storytellers, the rebels and the pioneers of the world. AFROHEAD Rum’s drier and more complex expressions deliver an unexpectedly silky smooth flavor and long, elegant finishes. One sip is all it takes to respect this award-winning rum. #RUMSPECT

7 Year

Premium Aged Dark Rum

Rum Profile: Toasty Oak, Honey, Vanilla, Molasses

Treasured all over the world, this silky smooth spirit vibrates with notes of toasty oak and a hint of honey. Its estery and creamy taste deliver hints of molasses and bourbon wood accents with a ghost of vanilla for a smooth, warming, long finish. AFROHEAD premium aged dark rum is authentically crafted with blends of rum aged 7 years or older in once-used bourbon barrels.

How To #Rumspect

AFROHEAD premium aged dark rum is best served mixed, neat or on ice.

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15 Year

Premium Aged Dark Rum

Rum Profile: Toasty Oak, Toffee, Caramel, Vanilla

Blended to perfection for a complete and complex flavor profile, AFROHEAD XO 15 Year begins creamy and builds to a toffee and caramel taste on the palate. Hints of vanilla and smooth caramel echo in the notes of this bold, sensual spirit for a smooth, extra long finish.

How To #Rumspect

AFROHEAD XO premium aged dark rum is crafted to be enjoyed straight up.

Rum Stats
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A rum that stands alone in a world full of uniformity.

AFROHEAD Rum is a tribute to genuine inspiration. Our rum represents a universal blend of ethnicities and cultures who have journeyed to the islands they now call home. Aged and distilled in Panama, it is for those brave enough to drink in the greatness of life without the need for pretense or justification. The time has come to respect your rum. #RUMSPECT

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Respect your rum Responsibly.