The first bottle of AFROHEAD Rum was simply labeled with a stylized image of a Bahamian woman that was designed to pay tribute to the island’s culture and the first Miss Bahamas 1963. Locals and visitors to Harbour Island, where the rum was first served in 2008, would call for the rum with the ‘afrohead’ on it and so, AFROHEAD Rum was born.

Today, AFROHEAD Rum’s stunning icon continues to pay tribute to its origins while celebrating all the influences that inspired the world’s best-tasting, premium, aged dark rum.

The Crown

Nestled at the heart of the AFROHEAD icon is a representation of the Miss Bahamas crown. This symbol pays tribute to the women crowned Miss Bahamas, who not only serve as one of the original inspirations behind the naming of AFROHEAD Rum, but who also continue to be representatives of the deeply respected and admired Island culture.


While the roundness and shape of the afro is completely unmistakable, the circles and wave-like ornamentation lining the outside of the AFROHEAD icon are intended to create a subliminal “Junkanoo”-like headdress treatment. Junkanoo is a celebration that welcomes costumes, music and dance in honor of the island’s rich culture.


This universal symbol represents creation, vitality, life, and harmony. Its flowing movement represents the constant evolution and ever-present strength that exists within mother nature, and the desire she instills in people that inspires pursuits of greatness. AFROHEAD Rum strives to embody this same mentality: each sip is meant to inspire.

The Mind's Eye

AFROHEAD Rum tells a story that extends far deeper than flavor profiles. The mind’s eye refers to a being’s perception beyond the five principal senses; it’s able to perceive the world and interpret its energy.

The Sun

The sun is a symbol that represents the dawn of a new era; the start of something new and exciting. AFROHEAD Rum brings new meaning to a love of rum, and inspires a new era of premium spirit connoisseurs.